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  • AccuroFit Studio - Getting Started Guide
    Visit for more information on setting up your Accuro Studio with the Studio Hub.
  • F45 Studio - Getting Started Guide
    So, your hubs have arrive and you're ready to install them in your studio! Take a look at this short video for some important tips on a successful set up of your hubs. Still have questions? Reach out to us at
  • How do I add a Hub to my dashboard?
    Use the 'Add Hub' button at the bottom of your dashboard to add your hub. You can find you hub number in two ways. 1) Opening the Settings in the Watch app and looking for the hub number you are connected to. or 2) Downloading the Studio Hub Console app which will search for and connect to studio hubs in the area that it is able to connect to.
  • What is the Studio Hub Watch app?
    The Studio Hub Watch App is a stand-alone watch app that runs on your Apple Watch and connects to a DragonFly receiver or the Studio Hub delivering workout data, such as heart rate, to your group fitness system. If your studio has a custom branded watch app, the name of your watch app may be different.
  • What is the Studio Hub dashboard?
    The Studio Hub dashboard is an online platform that enables studio managers to monitor and manage their Studio Hub and the members connecting to that system. It offers: Subscription Management: Tools to manage Studio Hub subscriptions, ensuring studios can easily maintain their service. Member Access Tracking: An overview of which members have used the Studio Hub and the status of each member’s Watch activation. Activation Status Overview: Real-time updates on the activation status of members' Watch apps, allowing for efficient tracking and management. Watch App Activation Control: A feature that empowers studio managers to activate their members' Watch apps directly from the dashboard. Purchases of Activations: The ability to buy additional activations for the Watch app, facilitating smooth expansion as member participation grows. The dashboard is the control center for studios, simplifying the administration of Studio Hub devices and member engagement.
  • What is the Studio Hub Console app?
    The Studio Hub Console app is a diagnostic app that runs on an iPhone or iPad. Use this app to check the status of your hubs, to refresh a subscription that has expired, or to troubleshoot when members are having trouble connecting to your hub. The Studio Hub Console app will allow you to see which Apple watches are connected to each of your hubs as well as update the name and other associated information of your hub including the expiration date. This app is also used when firmware updates are need for your hub.
  • What is the DragonFly receiver?
    The DragonFly receiver is an ethernet connect ANT+ receiver that supports direct Apple Watch connectivity for ANT+ group fitness systems. With the DragonFly receiver, ANT+ based group fitness systems can add support for Apple Watches without any integration work with your group fitness system. Simply deploy the DragonFly receiver as your ANT+ receiver and you can support Apple Watch connectivity as well.
  • How do I add a User to my dashboard?
    Use the 'Add User' button at the bottom of the USERS view of your dashboard to add a user.
  • What is a Studio Hub?
    A Studio Hub is a compact device that acts as a wireless connector, allowing Apple Watches to interface seamlessly with your group fitness system. It's designed to eliminate the need for members to wear a chest strap in order to connect to group fitness systems.
  • How many Apple Watches can each Studio Hub support?
    A Studio Hub can connect to 15 Apple Watches simultaneously. For additional capacity, simply add more Studio Hubs, up to a total of 4 per studio, allowing for up to 60 Apple Watches to connect concurrently.
  • Is there a free trial of the Studio Hub?
    We offer a 30-day money back guarantee for the Studio Hub product. Give the Studio Hub a try, risk-free, for a full 30 days. If you are not absolutely delighted with the product, return it within the 30-day period and receive a full refund*. Within the first 30-days of your trial, if you decide the Studio Hub product is not right for your studio for any reason, simply send us a note to to notify us of your intent to the return the product. We will respond to that email with more details about the return and refund process. * Shipping costs are non-refundable.
  • Does the Studio Hub support the Whoop device?
    No. The Studio Hub does not currently support the Whoop device. The Whoop device is something we have considered supporting. If this is something that would be useful for your studio, reach out to us at and tell us more about your need here.
  • Does the Studio Hub support FitBit devices?
    No. FitBit does not do a great job providing the tools for 3rd party app developers to enable such an app to be built. Don't hold your breath for this one.
  • Can any studio be enabled for Apple Watches?
    Any studio that is based on ANT+ heart rate monitors can be enabled for Apple Watches by using the Studio Hub product. The Studio Hub reports heart rate to your group fitness system in the same way that a chest strap reports heart rate so there is no need for any changes, additions, or integration work to your group fitness system to enable Apple Watches in your studio. Our purchase policy allows you to test the studio hub in your studio for a full 30 days to be sure you are 100% satisfied. If you're not delighted with the product, return it within the 30-day window for a full refund.
  • How to I restart the Watch App?
    Restarting the Watch App is a fix for many issues that you might be experiencing. Follow these directions to restart the app when necessary. 1) Launch the Watch App 2) While the app is running in the foreground, press and hold the side button (see below) on the watch until the SOS screen appears then release the button. 3) Now, press and hold the digital crown (see below) on the watch until the app disappears. 4) Finally, re-launch the app. This process will restart the watch app.
  • How to a restart my Apple Watch?
    It may become necessary to restart your Apple Watch. Restarting your Apple Watch is a good way to have a stable baseline if you are experiencing problems. To restart the Apple Watch, follow these steps: Turn off your Apple Watch: Press and hold the side button (see below) until the sliders appear, tap, then drag the Power Off slider to the right. Turn on your Apple Watch: Hold down the side button (see below) until the Apple logo appears. Note: You can’t restart your Apple Watch while it’s charging.
  • How do I download the Watch App my Apple Watch?
    Getting a watch-only app to download to your Apple Watch can sometimes be a bit challenging. If you are not able to get the watch app to load from the iPhone app store, try opening the App Store on your Apple Watch and downloading it from there.
  • Do I need to enable all the permissions that the app asks for?
    Yes! All permissions asked for by the Watch App must be enabled. If all of the permissions are not granted, the Watch App will not work.
  • Can I run the Apple Workout App when I'm running the Watch App?
    No. Apple restricts the number of workout apps that can run on the Apple Watch at any given time to a single app. If you are running our Watch App, you will not be able to run the Apple Workout App. Rest assured, our Watch App can save all the same workout data to Apple Health as the Apple Workout App so all of your workouts will save to your history, fill your rings, and enable all of Apple's Health eco-system benefits.
  • Does the Watch App run on all Apple Watches?
    The Watch app requires an Apple Watch Series 3 or later.
  • Is the Apple Watch as accurate as a chest strap?
    Members can experience precision in heart rate monitoring with both the Apple Watch and an ANT+ chest strap during your workouts. While these devices employ different core technologies — the chest strap measuring electrical pulses from your heart and the Apple Watch using optical sensors to measure blood flow — their performance when used for studio workouts are practically identical.
  • Why does the Watch App require Bluetooth permission?
    The Watch App uses Bluetooth to communicate to the Studio Hub. If this permission is not granted, the watch app will not work.
  • I got a new Apple Watch, how do I reinstall the watch app?
    Open the App Store on your new watch, scroll down to 'Account', then 'Purchases', then 'My Purchases', then find the app name and tap the download icon.
  • I got a new Apple Watch, how do I reinstall the watch app?
    Open the App Store on your new watch, scroll down to 'Account', then 'Purchases', then 'My Purchases', then find the app name and tap the download icon.
  • My Watch app shows as 'Purchased' on my iPhone but it is not on my Apple watch
    Open the App Store on your Apple Watch then scroll down to the bottom and tap 'Account', then 'Purchased', then 'My Purchases', then tap the download icon next to the watch app you are trying to download.
  • What does it cost to enable my studio for Apple Watches?
    Studio Hub Pricing The pricing for Studio Hub involves three main elements: the device itself, a subscription service, and activations for the Apple Watch app. Be sure to check out website for special pricing and promotions. Studio Hub Device: Each studio requires at least one Studio Hub device to connect up to 15 Apple Watches simultaneously. The price for one Studio Hub is $149.00, a one-time expense that sets up your studio with the essential hardware. If needed, studios can add more hubs to increase user capacity. Subscription Service: To maintain the Studio Hub's functionality, a subscription is necessary for every location. This subscription supports up to four hubs at a single site. The price for the monthly subscription service is $49 per month. Watch App Activations: Activating the Apple Watch app requires a purchase. Franchise owners have the option to buy these activations in bundles for as little as $10 each. Studio owners can set the resale price of the activations to their members. Activations are a one-time fee, non-refundable, and valid across all Apple Watch enabled studios utilizing the Studio Hub. Own multiple studios or a franchise? Reach out to us at to inquiry about multiple studio discounts.
  • How quickly can I get a Studio Hub for my studio?
    Orders received before 2 pm PST are processed the same day. We use USPS priority mail for US shipments and ship from our headquarters in Glendora, California.
  • Are there discounts for multiple studios?
    Reach out to us at for more information about multiple studio discounts.
  • How do I get started with the Lionheart watch app?
    Follow this step-by-step guide for getting the Lionheart Watch App set up and running in your studio. Please note: This guide assumes your studio is 'Apple Watch enabled'. If it is not, your members will not see the Apple Watch option in the Lionheart onboarding in the F45 Training App. Your studio can still use the Studio Hub/Lionheart Watch App without being Apple Watch enabled, you simply will not see the option to select the Apple Watch as a Lionheart sensor in the F45 Training App.
  • Where can I find the Lionheart Apple Watch app?
    You can download the Lionheart Apple Watch app from the Apple App store or scan the QR code below with your iPhone. Scan this QR Code with your iPhone
  • How can I get the F45 Training app to show the Apple watch as a sensor option?
    Your studio must be enabled for Apple watches in the Lionheart backend for the Apple Watch to be a selectable sensor in the F45 Training App. Studios should send an email to and request that your studio be enabled for Apple watches.
  • How do I enable F45 heart rate zones to show on my Apple Watch?
    This feature is currently not supported in the Lionheart Watch App. If this is something that would be useful in your studio, reach out to us at to tell us more about how you would use this capability.
  • Members are showing up as 'Guest' on the Lionheart TV, how do we fix this?
    Newly registered members will show up on the Lionheart displays as 'Guest [#xxxx]' until the new member's Sensor ID is propagated in the Lionheart backend. This process usually takes 24 hours from the time the member registered their device (their Apple Watch) in the F45 Training App. Apple Watch users do not need to register their Sensor ID on the website. Studio owners can also re-start the Lionheart TV to force the update and get the member on the board immediately.
  • Members are not showing up on the F45 TVs
    To ensure your workouts appear on F45 TVs using the Lionheart system with an Apple Watch: 1) The Lionheart system uses a unique Sensor ID to link your profile, allowing your name and zones to be displayed correctly. 2) If your Apple Watch data isn't displaying on the F45 TVs, the Sensor IDs between your Watch app and the F45 Training app may not match. 3) To resolve this, open the Watch app and check the Sensor ID. Compare it with the one in the F45 Training app. 4) If they differ, go to 'Help' in the settings and select 'No', then input the correct Sensor ID from the F45 Training app. This will synchronize the Sensor ID in your Watch app with the Lionheart system, and you should appear on the F45 TVs during your workout. Note: If you make any change to your Sensor ID in the F45 Training app, it can take 24 hours for the F45 TVs to recognize the change. Studio owners can reboot the Lionheart system in their studio to force an update of your profile.
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