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With our Studio Retrofit package, international studios can add support for up to 30 Apple Watch users per class to your existing group fitness system. This bundle includes two Studio Hub devices and a power adapter..


International Activation

For our international customers, your hubs will require a Location Activation after your trial period if you decide to keep the studio hubs. 


Subscription Required

After your trial period, each studio location requires an active subscription, starting at $25 per month with an annual plan. 


Watch Activations

The Studio Hub Watch App, necessary for connection, is a free-to-download app on the Apple App Store. It allows free unlimited access to hubs during their trial periods and a free five-day trial when connecting to active hubs.


Post-trial watch activations are required and available for purchase by studio owners starting at $10 each.


All prices are subject to change. 


* Shipping not included


  • Experience Apple Watch connectivity with complete peace of mind with our 30-day trial offer. If for any reason you find our products do not meet your expectations you can return them for a full refund*.


    During your trial period, there's no limit to the number of members who can explore the full capabilities of the system by connecting using the free to download Studio Hub Watch app.


    This is your opportunity to discover all that Apple Watch connectivity has to offer, risk-free.


    * Excludes shipping costs

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