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Introducing the Dragonfly Receiver: where the transformative spirit of the dragonfly meets the evolving world of fitness. Just as the dragonfly symbolizes change, transformation, and adaptability, our innovative device is designed to revolutionize your fitness studio.


By seamlessly adding Apple Watches as connectable devices for your studio, your members can now experience the comfort and convenience of the Apple Watch for their workout experience. 


As a gym or studio owner, you understand the importance of a connected and dynamic fitness environment. The DragonFly Receiver is your solution, offering unparalleled integration with ANT+ heart rate monitors and Apple Watches. It's designed to cater to the modern fitness enthusiast who demands sophistication and seamlessness in their workout tracking.


Capable of supporting an impressive 40 ANT+ heart rate monitors and 30 Apple Watch connections simultaneously, the DragonFly stands out as a robust hub that keeps your members connected and engaged. With its advanced radios, connectivity is more reliable than ever, ensuring that every heartbeat is captured in real-time, thus fostering a competitive yet communal environment.


The DragonFly symbolizes the evolution of group fitness technology and represents a commitment to providing your members with a leading-edge workout experience. It requires a simple hard-wired ethernet connection, making it a straightforward upgrade to your current setup.


Embrace the pinnacle of commercial-grade connected fitness technology. The DragonFly Receiver doesn't just keep up with industry standards; it soars above them, delivering a group fitness system as dynamic and driven as your members. Upgrade to DragonFly and watch your member engagement and business take flight.


Apple Watch Support

An optional subscription enables Apple Watch support on your DragonFly receiver. Subscriptions start at just $25 per month with an annual plan. 


No subscription is required for ANT+ heart rate monitor support, and Apple Watch support can be enabled anytime. 


Watch Activations

All DragonFly-enabled watch apps can connect to DragonFly receivers during their trial period without requiring an activation. When connecting to active DragonFly receivers, DragonFly-enabled watch apps can be used for five days before an activation is required. 


Watch activations can be purchased by studio owners for as little as $10 each. Studio owners resell watch activations directly to members at a price they determine. 


Available for Immediate Delivery!

Embrace the change, let the Dragonfly Receiver delight your members, transform your workouts, and help your studio fly ahead with the competition.


All prices are subject to change. 


Designed and built by North Pole Engineering. Available exclusively through Bred Ventures Inc. 



$399.99 Regular Price
$349.99Sale Price
Now taking orders for June 2024 delivery.
  • Experience Apple Watch connectivity with complete peace of mind with our 30-day trial offer. If for any reason you find our products do not meet your expectations you can return them for a full refund*.


    During your trial period, there's no limit to the number of members who can explore the full capabilities of the system by connecting using the free to download Studio Hub Watch app.


    This is your opportunity to discover all that Apple Watch connectivity has to offer, risk-free.


    * Excludes shipping costs

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